A Purbeck night out

We had a lovely last minute Purbeck night out!

I blasted over to meet Cass, Ben and Vish near Corfe. When we eventually all crossed paths, Cass had picked up Oscar and Jermimah, who I hadn’t seen in a long while, we all sat in Corfe for a catch up and a pastry then headed out on the trails.

Ben was aboard his fresh Crust Alumalith that we’d finished building a day before! He didn’t have many bag options for the bike so he had squeezed everything into his massive Swift handlebar bag. 

Vish was riding his classic old 26 MTB with front panniers.

Cass was on his new Merida Hardtail which he’ll be reviewing for Bikepacking.com soon! Ive never seen him hop, skid and jump around so much!

I rode My Rune Prototype which id just got a big ol’ Wizard works frame bag made for, having the weight low down was a treat for the handling, riding gears for the first time in a while was strange though, I think I’ve forgotten how to use them properly.

We ended the night in ‘The Square and Compass’ listening to a folk band and sinking a few ales. The quintessential Purbeck night out. 


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