Bombtrack’s Groundwork 2018

We are so lucky to have had the opportunity to go over to Germany to ride bikes, drink beer and meet like minded bike riders from all over the world.


We stayed in a beautiful old house in the hills near Cologne, a paradise for the type of bikes Bombtrack specialise in, adventure/gravel bikes. 

The trails are incredible, singletrack through old woodland, gravel double track through fields, steep climbs and decents round every corner.

It felt like the perfect testing ground for the bikes.

Bombtrack provided awesome food, beer and wine and even showed us a preview of there new documentary ‘A journey Beyond 2’ which was just mind blowing! Mark Maurer spent two months riding through Kyrgyzstan, where the mountains look like either Mordor or the moon!

We will be showing the movie at the shop after a group ‘coffee outside’ ride on the 5th of September starting at 6pm!

Bombtrack’s 2019 range will be available from October, get your orders in fast as they will be in high demand! After smashing them round the woods for three days we can say, from experience, that they ALL shred hard!!

Tom @fomtaz


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