Shop ride 22-12-19

its wet out there, and the punctures are rife!

We often get asked which tyres we recommend to avoid punctures.. and after so many shop rides on our notoriously sharp gravel, with big groups all running different tyres.. there is no clear answer.. luck plays a massive part. 

My Ritchey Outback is running extra light Rene Herse Juniper ridge tyres.. I’ve had one slice that I had to plug in a fair few wet gravel miles, whereas my Singular is running Panaracer Driver pro MTB tyres (much heavier duty) and I have had 4 or 5 slices that I’ve had to plug in a similar number of miles!

We tend to think that lower pressures help avoid them.. I’m about 73kg and run mine between 25psi and 30.

We love our light weight supple tyres for their speed, comfort and rolling speed , and my Rene Herse Juniper Ridges have proven that they don’t have to be weak, but we do suggest that changing to a thicker more durable tyre with a bit more tread in the winter is not a bad idea, something like the Teravail Rutland in the ‘Durable casing’ wouldn’t be a bad idea!

Next shop ride is New Years Eve, 9am, see you there!







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