Tom’s Stooge Rambler Rider and Rig on


Im so grateful to Cass Gilbert and for spending the time getting this article together! 

Cass and I spoke years ago about connecting The New Forest Gravel taster and the Purbeck Bimble. Many things got in the way, but we finally managed to ride what we now call ‘The Woods Rat Run’ together!

It was a pleasure riding with Cass, we have a lot in common, similar taste in bikes, routes and food, he’s genuinely and absolute gent!
Cass has been a huge source of inspiration to me photographically and to have him ride with me and take photos of me was an absolute honour!


The idea was to get ‘The Woods Rat Run’ up on, we are nearly ready to drop the route, its actually due next week, but during the process of riding together Cass had the idea to create a ‘Rider and rig’ article on me and my Stooge Rambler dingle speed!

The Article has lots of background on the history of the shop, my riding life, the Rambler, photography and dinglespeeding!

Cass wanted to add in some of my 35mm film photos which I was really stoked with! 
These are from ‘The Woods Rat Run’ shot on my Yashica T4 on Ilford HP5 film.


Hit the link here to see the whole article and see lots of Cass’s great shots!

Stooge Rambler Dinglespeed rider and rig on bike


Also worth checking out is Cass’s Personal blog, where he posted a nice write up on the Rat Run. 

Click here!


And his time back in Purbeck when he rode over to me and shot most of the Rider and Rig photos! 

Click here!



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