Newbaum’s Padded Cloth Bar Tape


Newbaums tape is lovely: the texture and thickness of the milled cloth make this a favorite. Furthermore the environmental impact of cotton cloth and Newbaums environmentally friendly dyes are less than synthetic options. Comes with adhesive backing for easy wrapping.

Price is for one roll, purchase two to wrap a drop bar


We Say…

Newbaum’s Padded Cloth tape is the classiest way to finish your bike off, it’s super sticky so doesn’t move over time, also using Neoprene padding underneath the cloth finish for plenty of comfort… 

Priced per roll so you must by two rolls if you are doing a set of drop handlebars…

They Say…

 Made from milled cotton cloth
– Neoprene underlayer dampens road vibrations
– Adhesive backing
– 1-1/4″ x 7 ft roll
Sold in INDIVIDUAL rolls. Order 2 if you want wrap both sides of a drop bar. Plugs and finishing tape not included.

Additional information


Dark Brown, Teal, Khaki, Black, Chocolate, Copper, Brown



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