Rivendell Shifter – Downtube – Silver1


These Rivendell silver 2 shifters are best for down tube set ups but also work a treat as a thumbie or a bar end shifters. 

If you’re not sure which side you need, the please give the store a call or an email and we wil do our best to get you all sorted!

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What They Say

These are the best shifters you’ll ever set a hand on. There’s nothing like them, and if you think your old SunTour barcons are the bee’s knees, bless you, but you’re living in dreamland.

Their magic is the Power Ratchet inside. The old SunTours had that, too, but this Power Ratchet is a big improvement over that one (and since that one was already fine, this one…must be superfine.) The shifting is smooth, light, simple, fast, and precise. Indexing, in comparison, seems raucous and archaic. They work with any derailleur, and freewheel, cassette, chain, etc., so you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ll never be midway between gears and powerless to do anything about it.

There’s a short learning curve, but don’t let that scare you. Everybody learns fast with these.

The downtubers come just the shifters, because you don’t need all the other monkey business. You’ll still need cables and a little piece of housing, though. You may already have them, your LBS definitely does, and we definitely do, too.

Silver1 and Silver2 shifters now include new and improved washers that are thicker and made out of UV resistant Black or Dark Grey plastic.

Silver shifters are all aluminum, guts various metals, ‘cept for the two plastic washers.

Here is an instructional video showing you how to mount them to the down-tube boss. Click here to watch.


If you’re putting these on bar end pods or thumb shifter mounts, be sure to match type O to type O, and type X to type X.  In other words, a type X shifter won’t go on a type O pod/thumb shifter mount.

Additional information


Left -(Type X), Right -(type O)



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